Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Someone steal our content. Someone has copied paste our post without giving a link to us. If you copy paste our post you have to give a link as a kind of respect behavior and prize to us. However, copy paste is a stealing, it is nasty, and it isn’t allowed.

We are not hypocrite that sometime we made some of our posts from the other sites as our inspiration to write the same thing. But we are not explicitly copy paste the content. We make it different. It called a modification and developing.

Page copy protected against web site content infringement by Copyscape

And now, to reduce and stop someone steal or copy paste our content we install CopyScape. With the Copy Scape, We will know who is stealing our content without giving a link. So, be careful we are watching you.

Photo above is the blog which stole our content. They copy paste our post without giving a link. They just change the title of the post but the paragraph of the post is same with ours. So, we ask to the owner of the blog (I don’t wanna give the link), you must erase the post or you must give the link to us.

After I sent an email to the owner of LepasMalam because duplicate and copy paste our content, finally they reply our warning and apologize for the mistake about copy paste and duplicate content action. They changed the content of the post; they preferred to changed the content rather than give us a link-back, but no problem. Thanks.

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