Thursday, January 31, 2008

indah kalalo6

indah kalalo7

indah kalalo8

Indah Kalalo, she is sexy and sweet. She has sexy body and beauty face. Her face is unique and her skin is so exotic. Her skin is very Indonesian skin type – brown light. She is really sexy. Those are the first Indah Kalalo photos collection; it will be the second collection. So, enter your email and verify your email in your inbox mail to get the next Indah photos collection update.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

In the previous post I showed to you ‘Ayu Azhari - Hot and Sexy Model Part 1’ and promise to you to bring the next photos of The Sexy Ayu Azhari. Below are the photos.

These photos are taken when Ayu Azhari is still on the top of Indonesia celebrity crowed. Ayu Azhari was a boom sex at the moment. She is sexy and hot. Now, she gets married with Mike Tramph (ex vocalist of White Lion). So enjoy the photos.

ayu azhari7

ayu azhari5

ayu azhari4

ayu azhari3

Indah Kalalo is an Indonesia’s Top Model. She is a model of Look Model. Indah Kalalo has exotic face and skin and at the same time she has wild side. Just look at her photos below, it will picturing you how hot, sexy, exotic and wild Indah is. She loves party much, queen of party.

indah kalalo3

indah kalalo1

indah kalalo2

indah kalalo4

indah kalalo5

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Friday, January 25, 2008

Buah Dada Dewi Persik di foto

Payudara Dewi Persik Diraba

Dewi Persik diraba Payudaranya

It’s not finished yet. Repeatedly, ugly case such as ‘Payudara Dewi Persik Diraba’ and also Kemben Melorot Dewi Persik occurred to Dewi Persik. It because her dress code is too rude – her dress sounds like ‘You want taste me?!’

After the ugly case ‘Kemben Melorot Dewi Persik’ in Slawi – Tegal, Central Java when she performed in that town and also in SCTV – Local TV station. Currently, Dewi Persik gets her next ugly case: Payudara Dewi Persik Diraba.

And who is the brave man behind its ugly case? Who is the breast grabber? Here he is:

He is the man!

Anyway, she has great vocal voice and of course sexy and hot body. She really attracts attention of all boys to watch her sexy and hot body.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Cut Zudiake Tengku Angkasa professionally known as Cut Keke is an Indonesia actress. She was born on 4 Desember 1973, in Jakarta.

cut keke2

cut keke1

Yeyen Lidya (born in Jakarta on 5 May 1978) is a hottie Indonesia model, presenter and actress. She has became host on Global TV and role in “Trans TV Ketawa sore”. So, what is the most interesting from Yeyen Lidya look at the picture and give comment.

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Weight: 52 kg
Height: 169 cm

Febby Renasari Lawrence was an Indonesia actress and hot model. She was born on 3 Maret 1974, in Jakarta.

Her Movies: Rini Tomboy (1991), Gadis Metropolis I (1992), Nafsu X (1996), Gadis Metropolis II, Bisikan Nafsu, Hukuman Zinah, Selingkuh dan Mistik Erotik.

vj cathy2

vj cathy1
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Catherine Sharon Gasnier or VJ Cathy is one of top MTV Indonesia VJs. She is older sister of Julie Estelle. Her debut film is "Bangku Kosong" directed by Helfi Ch. Kardit. Now, she is got serius relationship with Eno Netral.

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Fahrani is one of Indonesia’s Top Models. She is also an actress, starring on several FTV episodes. Her model occupation is mostly in outside. Moreover, she also has shoes line industry with her friend, called Partner in Crime. Her new movie is Demi Cinta - Film Terbaru Fahrani Demi Cinta - Radit and Jani. In that movie, she was acting with Vino Sebastian.

Olga Lidya was born in Jakarta December, 4th 1976. She has graduated from Parahyangan University in 1994. She has Height 171 cm and weight 47 kg. She is Indonesia’s top model, presenter and actress. Recently, she becomes presenter News Dot Com on Metro TV.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Marthasya Simatupang
Bio Stats:
Name: Marthasya Simatupang
Birth Date: 05 Februari 1987
Birth Place: Jakarta
School: High School
Hobby: Singing
Artist Idols: Boys II Men, Craig David, Pussy Cat Dolls
Weight: 55 kg
Height: 172 cm
Ethnicity: Batak

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Popular Name: Ayu Azhari
Real Name: Siti Khadijah Azhari
Place/born: Jakarta/19 November 1969
Height: 171 cm
Zodiac: Scorpio
Occupation: Model, Actreen, and Singer

Siti Khadijah Azhari, professionaly knwon as Ayu Azhari was an Indonesia Top actress in the beginning of 90's. She was also a Indonesia top model and singer.

Sinetronografi :
* Bidadari
* Noktah Merah Perkawinan
* Putri Duyung,Dua Kekasih
* Mentari Dibalik Awan

Filmografi :
* Perkawinan Siti Zubaedah ( 1997)
* OutRaged Fugitive (1994)
* Oeroeg (Belanda)
* Telegram (Perancis)
* Java Burn

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Sarah Azhari and Ayu Azhari are sisters, both are Azhari families. The Azhari family is just like Paris Hilton and Kim Khardisian, they are controversial! Both of them are really know how to attract public attention.

They all are 7 brothers: Ayu Azhari (model/actress/singer), Sarah Azhari (model/actress/singer), Ibra azhari (male) and Rahma Azhari (Model). Both of them except Ibra Azhari are beautiful, sexy and hot.

Taffana Dewi (born 31 Juli 1974 in Yogyakarta) is a beautiful sexy girl. She is hot and sexy, great body and cute face. Taffana Dewi is known as actress for Indonesia's adult movies. Below is her hot and sexy photo. Enjoy her photo below:

For another photos, you can go through here.

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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Diana Pungky was a sexy and hot Indonesia’s TV actress. She never lost her sexual appeal, she’s always great! Sexy and Hot!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Yet another sexy and beautiful single parent, Wulan Guritno. She was born on April 14, 1980 in London. Previously, she was married Atilla and got a lovely child, Shyalom. After divorced, she was been in love with Ananda Mikola and then broke up.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Terry Naharyana Enani Putri was born in Banjarmasin December 1st 1979. She has cute and sensual face; she now is one of top TV presenters and also top TV commercial star and actress. Sports presenter is her specialty. She’s hot and bouncy girl.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Kemben Melorot Sarah Azhari

Sarah Azhari kembennya melorot

Kemben Melorot

Sarah Azhari is one of sexy Indonesia’s actresses, a model, an singer and she is also a free lance presenter. She is an Azhari Family, she is very pretty and sexy. She has great body, absolutely sexy body, and she has big boobs. She looks fat but she is still sexy and hot. Look at her photos.

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