Thursday, December 9, 2010

jill gladysjill gladys
Jill Gladys is a cute actress, actress of Indonesia. She is a young Chinese of Indonesia, and became famous after several favorite movies as Indonesia Setannya beneran Kok, Kawin Laris and Setan beneran also tayangan Sitkom Food Court SCTV. Her face is so cute and is just a mixture face from Crystal Liu and Sandra Dewi.
Jill Gladys born October 7, 1986 to be married widespread. It is now a widow with a son named Damien after MBA (seks bebas) at the age of 20 years. Some news article stated that Jill has been used as a call girl or escort or “cewek bispak, but there is no solid evidence of other things to prove his wild.
However, she is pretty and beautiful today. Many players are Indonesia spoke to her boyfriend as Delon Indonesian Idol and former boyfriend named Poppy Bunga Mandala. Delon, who has just broken up with others before China Indonesia Actress “Sandra Dewi said his relationship with Jill Glay than friends.
Who want to date with Jill Gladys? Who want to be Jill Gladys Boy Friend? And you must of course compete with Delon.
Note: His name is so funny and unique. Some misconceptions wrote her name as Jill Gladys.
jill gladys


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