Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fahrani is an Indonesia's Top Model. Fahrani is also an actress; she has been acted in several Indonesian Film (sinteron) and Indonesian Moview. Her debut movie is 'Novel Tanpa Huruf R' in 2004 directed by Aria Kusumadewa, and then 'Kala' (2007) directed by Joko Anwar. But all of the movies Fahrani has been acted, 'Radit and Jani' is the best one. In that movie Fahrani acted as Jani with Vino G. Bastian as Radit. A movie 'Radit and Jani' tell an uncommon love story. Fahrani was born on 27 September 1984 in Jakarta, with the complete name is Fahrani Pawaka Empel.

Just like other Indonesia's Actresses, Fahrani doesn't know how to keep her private photos smartly and easy to be photographed by Paparazi when she wants only have fun. Look at Fahrani no bra photo below - poto bugil model indonesia Fahrani. She has no different with Bunga Citra Lestari, Rahma Azhari, Sarah Azhari, and Ratu Felisha. Sometimes, they act like a dumb teenagers.

to be continued ...
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