Friday, January 25, 2008

Buah Dada Dewi Persik di foto

Payudara Dewi Persik Diraba

Dewi Persik diraba Payudaranya

It’s not finished yet. Repeatedly, ugly case such as ‘Payudara Dewi Persik Diraba’ and also Kemben Melorot Dewi Persik occurred to Dewi Persik. It because her dress code is too rude – her dress sounds like ‘You want taste me?!’

After the ugly case ‘Kemben Melorot Dewi Persik’ in Slawi – Tegal, Central Java when she performed in that town and also in SCTV – Local TV station. Currently, Dewi Persik gets her next ugly case: Payudara Dewi Persik Diraba.

And who is the brave man behind its ugly case? Who is the breast grabber? Here he is:

He is the man!

Anyway, she has great vocal voice and of course sexy and hot body. She really attracts attention of all boys to watch her sexy and hot body.


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