Wednesday, February 11, 2009

After being involved the conflict with Dewi Persik, currently Andi Soraya is back to persevered with the pretty model; Chaterine Wilson. It is a different case and different enemy for Andi Soraya. If in the previous conflict she was facing Dewi Persik – they have same level, from our view. "Pertengkaran Andi Soraya dengan Chaterine Wilson".

Now, she is facing Catherine Wilson: a pretty girl, an Indonesian supermodel, well-educated, sexy, and famous. What is the problem between Chaterine Wilson and Andi Soraya? We don’t know the specific. We just know that the conflict was coming when both are visiting an event in Bali which presented by Tomy Soeharto.

The coolest thing in this conflict – Cekcok Andi Soraya dan Chaterine Wilson – is the Chaterine Wilson’s attacking statement aimed to Andi Soraya. I like what Chaterine Wilson said for Andi Soraya: “Who is Andi Soraya? Is she artist? I don’t know her. She is not my level….”

Download the video here and watch the conflict between Chaterine Wilson and Andi Soraya.

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