Sunday, July 26, 2009

Indonesian Hip Hop Music

I start to like Indonesian hip hop music since the emergence of the controversy song that was made by Iqbal to ridicule Kangen Band. Since then I had begun to seek information about Indonesia hip hop music, and evidently they not only "abusive/mockery makers" but they have good skill. These are several Indonesia rappers. Welcome to Indonesian Hip Hop Music – This is just the beginning.

The Bakutumbu Clan - B.U.F.U / By Us Fuck U / Chalz and GTown Diss
Agil The Bakutumbu - GTown Manado Hip Hop Bitches

Download lagu X Calibour, Hip Hop Indonesia - Walk My Way
X Calibour - Serdadu (Feat. Falasiva & FDSA)

Chalz daEmcee - For U Sirik MC
Chalz da Emcee - GTown Main Truzz

Ecko Show feat. A Flow - Street or Die (S.O.D)
Ecko Show - Ma Way

8 Ball - GTown Manado Hip-Hop Diss
8 Ball - GTown Manadon Hip-Hop Diss 2

Kreepeek - Artis Loakan
Kreepeek - No Gaul So Ngana

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