Monday, December 29, 2008

An Indonesia Celebrity Lifestyle is always glamour and close to called hedonism, a very hedonist lifestyle. With their plenty money and big income they can make, they can spend it for anything: the luxurious Car, the big house, and of course for a cool party.

Not only the cool party and the glamour lifestyle, some of Indonesian celebrities are also a smoker (is it a big deal? No, Really no! It’s not about black and white, dude). And they were not rare to show the sensual and sexy pose in front of the public in fact was until naked.

Some people say: they are making controversy for their popularity, some say: they did it for huge money, but I say: it’s compilation of lifestyle, money, popularity, and sexy and hot behave. Hoo, I need more sexy photos.

An urban lifestyle – celebrity lifestyle. In the end of 2008, Poto-Artis-Indonesia.Blogspot.Com will present the photos of those celebrities lifestyle. Check it out.
Oh ya, Happy New Year ya...

- Smooking Show -

- Party Show -

- Bikini Show -

- Bugil / Topless Show -

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