Saturday, October 8, 2005

Yesterday I went to check the email subscriptions on my feedburner dashboard and I was shocked finding that there are so many people under my email subscribers list haven’t verified their subscription yet. It’s about more then a 75 people there. Guys... What are you waiting for? Enter your email and verify it inside your inbox.

For you who wish to receive our new photos update in your inbox, please verify it. Since you haven’t verified it yet, then you will never receive our new photos update in your email inbox.

If you haven’t subscribed at all, come subscribe to our feed. Enter your email through the box on the right side with the orange color to get our new photos update and don’t forget to verify it inside your inbox.

How to Verify Your Feedburner RSS by Email Subscription?

1. Just after you enter your email on the form below,

Enter your email here:

Enter your email address to get New Photos Update:

Delivered by FeedBurner

or you can also enter your email there


2. A new popup window will come up, type the random letter you see there.

then click on the Complete Subscription Request.

3. First step done. close the popup window.

Now you need to verify your subscription via your email.

4. Go check you email, now you should see a new email from feedburner. for some place, it could be a delay time about 5 to 10 minutes.

5. Open the new email, there you should see a link inside the email.

Click that link. and done.

We can now send you our new photos update - Foto Luna Maya, Foto Bunga Citra Lestari, Poto Sarah Azhari, Poto Dewi Persik and other photos directly into your email. Don’t worry, no spam! we hate spam too :)


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